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Nvidia and AMD has started the Dawn of virtual reality and are putting most of their interests in making single cards which are strong enough to keep up with the latest AAA titles. Thus, Nvidia is coming up with it’s most powerful 16nm Finfet based, Pascal architecture powered , ”GTX 1080 ” .

Soon after the release of it’s PASCAL architecture , Nvidia is going to release the GTX 1080 on 27th May 2016. It is expected that they will unveil their new architecture next month in their GTC event.

As we had previously discussed about the PASCAL ARCHITECTURE being a powerhouse , the GTX 1080  ‘seems’ to put some serious competition for it’s AMD competitor.
Based on certain rumors and research, we have highlighted the following


1) The device will have the GP104 GPU with 8GB of GDDR5X memory.
Surprisingly and unfortunately, as was told before , GTX 1080 is not going to have HBM or HBM2 memory.

2) It will boast an 8-pin Power connector which will have the limit of 225 Watts power consumption. However, it should be mentioned that it may use even less power than 225 Watts ( thanks to the 16nm architecture) just like the GTX 980 which had been limited to 250 Watts of power but only consumed 165 Watts.

3)The card will have a DVI port , a HDMI port and two Display ports.

Impressions and Expectations :

Courtesy : Wccftech.com
 The Card is going to Boast a GDDR5X memory which is faster that the GDDR5 memory, contained by most of the current cards but it’s still not as innovative and fast as the HBM. Most of us were expecting the new card to have atleast HBM memory, if not HBM2.
On the other hand , the GTX 1080 is going to have 8GB of VRAM as compared to the current top-notch card , the GTX 980ti ,which has 6GB. In addition , the cards power consumption is going to be way lower than expected !
Giving a performance equal to the GTX 980 ti or even more than it , the card’s Power consumption rate is going to be considerably lower  than 165 watts as rumored !
As far as the expected price of the card is concerned, It is going to be somewhere between the 500-600$ . It might be even greater or lower, as the price of the card can only be assumed right now. ( Courtesy : A forum from TomsHardware.com)
To Add in more information, Nvidia is also going release the following range of cards very soon in upcoming months along with the GTX 1080 ;
In conclusion , GTX 1080 is going to rock the stage with it’s low power usage, good quality , 16nm architecture and  a good price, however, only flawed by the use of GDDR5X memory instead of HBM.
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